Got Something To Ask?

Why should I use this app?

Of course, it is your free will to use it. However, we think you should be rewarded for your engagement. Your engagement should profit you and your club, not the big IT companies.

What benefit do I have as a fan?

Your club engagement is being rewarded with local discounts and promotions. You support your local club directly and benefits from local offers.

What benefit does my local club have?

Your local club has its own free app. Your club can present itself, and use the benefits of digital sponsoring. With these new revenue streams your club can organize camps, tournaments, buy gear, etc. Instead of ‘sending’ the money to the big internet companies it now stays with your local club!

How can I register for my favorite club?
After signing-up for the app, you can choose your club. If your club is not listed, send us a mail and we will contact your club


How do I know if my club benefits from my engagement?
The coupon you are using should be scanned by the provider. Every scanned coupon benefits your club directly.