For Sponsors

Are you already sponsoring one or even several clubs? Is there a rare return or do you think that this sponsorship is rather unilateral in favor of the club?

Then we have the solution for your “worries”! Sport sponsoring with Bonus Arena – Winning Together ®

How does this work?

Nowadays you are more critical as a sponsor, and you should be. You are wondering “What does my company have of it?” Or “Where is the ROI of this sponsorship?”


Sports Emotions AG sees itself as a partner for classic and digital sports marketing. We are specialists for classic sports marketing. However, we also offer you a unique digital sports marketing tool. You can therefore expect measurable success from your club sponsorship and approach the members directly using vouchers, bargains, promotions, products or tips from the specialist. Your offerings land directly on the mobile phones of the members and so you can bring the members or fans into your business or on your website by means of a clever marketing strategy, without much effort!

Fill in the data sheet today and we will award you with 10 vouchers and an advertisement free of charge.

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